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Absolute Radio over IPv6 Unicast

The School of Electronics & Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton are working with Absolute Radio to make them the first commercial radio station in the UK to be accessible over IPv6.

Absolute Radio Logo

We are currently relaying four of the official Absolute Radio UK feeds available over unicast IPv6:

MP3 Broadband (128k) http://virgin.6pack.org/aruk-hi-mp3 pls
MP3 Modem (32k) http://virgin.6pack.org/aruk-lo-mp3 pls
Ogg Vorbis Broadband (~160k) http://virgin.6pack.org/aruk-hi.ogg pls
Ogg Vorbis Modem (~32k) http://virgin.6pack.org/aruk-lo.ogg pls

We are also making the following digital satellite streams available:

Absolute Radio UK (192k) http://virgin.6pack.org/dvb/aruk-ar-mp2 pls
Absolute Classic Rock (128k) http://virgin.6pack.org/dvb/aruk-cr-mp2 pls
Absolute Xtreme (192k) http://virgin.6pack.org/dvb/aruk-ax-mp2 pls

To listen to Absolute Radio over IPv6, you need an IPv6 enabled audio player. Here is a list of players that are known to work:

For more information about Absolute Radio and what is currently on-air, visit their website at http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/.

Absolute Radio over IPv6 Multicast

The University of Southampton is also making Absolute Radio UK available on IPv4 and IPv6 multicast. Visit http://www.multicast.org.uk/absoluteradio/ for more information.

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